The mission of The Office of Student Conduct is to support the University’s educational mission and goals by promoting growth through individual responsibility and a positive university climate through behavioral standards, intervention efforts, educational endeavors, increased civility, training, informational programming and disciplinary processes, encouraging students to assume self and social responsibility, to learn conflict resolution skills, to enhance decision-making ability and to advance ethical values development. The services offered are developed to maintain a University environment that is conducive to academic success, protects the rights of all members of the University community, provides interventions for the resolution of conflict, and provides opportunities for individual growth and development.


The judicial philosophy of the University of Missouri – Columbia is primarily one of EDUCATION.  The Office of Student Conduct treats student conduct code incident reports as learning opportunities.  We make responsibility decisions with the goal of educating the student not to repeat the behavior and sanctions are decided accordingly.  However, we also recognize that education may not always be an appropriate response to every violation.  In matters of student safety and when traditional education methods have proved to be ineffective, options such as suspension and removal from the university may be appropriate.

The foundation of the University’s judicial authority is the Collected Rules & Regulations of the University System and the Standard of Conduct in the M Book.

About Us

The Office of Student Conduct at The University of Missouri- Columbia is responsible for upholding University disciplinary policies and procedures, both on- and off-campus, and with promoting individual student growth and development.

Every student at the University of Missouri-Columbia is expected to abide by all University of Missouri System rules and regulations and to uphold the Standard of Conduct for the University of Missouri- Columbia. The Standard of Conduct, found in the M-Book, outlines behaviors and actions for which students, if found responsible, can be issued sanctions ranging from a warning to suspension and expulsion. The purpose of the Standard of Conduct is to maintain a safe campus community, one where students can learn and be successful. A student enrolling in the University also assumes an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational institution. MU’s Academic Integrity Policy lists academic misconduct for which students are subject to sanctions, which may include suspension from the University.

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Office of Student Conduct

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